7 days of colour

This was a college project made in 7 days "7days of colour". My design was based on love ones & what the impact of them in my life is. I started off collecting items that once belonged to them or what resembles them. The base was their initials cut from super wood. Placing all the items & gluing them on the boards was so much fun. The outcome was a colourful mess what looked like a bunch of crap glued to a board - I can still remember my lecturers face when I ripped out the black paint. "But, Niki no - what a are you doing now, no stop it's so pretty & colourful".

Well I had a different idea. Painting the items black - gave me the base layer for my liquid led paint that I need to apply on top. A very interesting product that can be found at your local hardware store. With that comes a very concentrated liquid asset spry can. - The result - It basically makes things rust, very quickly.

After the 7 days our product where on display in a local art gallery - open for the public & on sale.