Helping Small Businesses Grow

Helping Small Businesses Grow

This is what I love to do! I enjoy pouring out knowledge and advice to new and small business owners. This is what I thrive off, giving and seeing that spark, what gets your gears turning and your lights going off. When I share something with you I’ve learned along my journey.

Today I’ll be sharing how you can be a designer too, with just a little help from me & Canva so YOU can take your business to new heights.

Paying a graphic designer to do your flyers, social posts and any extra small bits can be pretty expensive when you are just starting out. But, it’s still something that’s extremely vital in a business. Having good quality, consistent, and appealing content that speaks your brand and brings that same look and feel across all platforms.

Canva has made it so easy to be a DIY in your own business. I would still recommend getting a professional to do your full branding (logos, marks, watermarks, fonts, colours) as this will be the foundation for you to step in and build extra content yourself.

I’m all about keeping costs down and starting out can quickly get very expensive. That’s why Canva has a forever free option with 8,000+ free templates and hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics. If you want even more you can opp for the paid version with an even bigger variety of items to use.

I’m a Brand Designer and I’m recommending this platform, not necessarily taking away business from myself as I know somewhere down the line something will come my way.

If you already use Canva let me know how much of a difference it made in your business and remember to share your knowledge with like-minded people around you – networking is key to building your brand.

Thank you for reading

If you don’t have a beautiful brand yet or you are thinking of doing a campaign or launch – let me know how I can help you. I love seeing businesses grow and helping women business owners or hobbyists make the success of their dreams and goals.

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