Add A Little More ‘YOU’ Into Your Business

I’ve always felt a little weird about posting personal things on social media let alone on my business accounts. I’ve been taught to keep things professional and business-related at all times. However, it is true that times have shifted and people want to connect with people and not with a faceless business.

Obviously you don’t need to overshare on a business platform, it’s important to remain professional but also approachable to potential customers. In this blog, I’d love to share some of the ways I’ve incorporated more of ‘me’ into my brand, without making it unprofessional and overwhelming to my followers.


Your branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s also the YOU your potential client wants to see and get to know. People want to know, like and trust a business before they invest in the products it offers. This is one great reason to really niche down and focus on building brands that fit within your ideal client profile. For me, it is female entrepreneurs and so I do my best to connect and relate to them through my work and design. 

As a graphic designer, I love to dig deep into what makes you tick and truly bring out your personality in your branding and corporate identity.


The best way to attract viewers and to let them know you’re interested in getting to know them is by posting photos of yourself on social media. I’m not referring to an awkward selfie or that blurry picture you took that other day. If you can master the art of taking the perfect picture of yourself or by asking a friend to take a few good quality photos – that’s perfect.

Taking good pictures doesn’t need to be a challenge. All you need are a few small steps:

  • Choose a location or setting that represents you and your brand
  • Wear something that matches your corporate identity well
  • Make sure you’re comfortable and that the photos look as natural as possible 
  • Don’t forget to smile and allow your personality to shine! 

These photos will go on your website and more importantly your business social media accounts. I do offer personal brand photography sessions if you are ever in the area and absolutely love to take great brand shots for my clients.


We all have a desire built into us that wants to get to know the owner behind a brand. There’s something about connecting with people that’s inherent in all of humanity. We love learning about how someone’s brain works, how their process works, and what gets them inspired. 

Your social media account is a great platform to showcase behind the scene footage of your day and business/personal life. Instagram Stories are great because the content on there is only available for 24 hours so it doesn’t need to be picture perfect, it can be raw and real.


Please stop with the ‘buy from me’ posts – you need to find that perfect loophole to add a little link or lure potential clients into your services or products without being so hard sell! It takes a little time and effort to get used to not pitching a sales speech every time you post something. 

Tell a story and add value to your followers – if people can get something out of you without purchasing your products or services it’s an easy way to attract sales, more followers and more engaging connections.  You need to give some to get some.

Your website/social copy should reflect you and be well written – act like you are talking to one client, don’t try to be someone that you are not. You want to attract like-minded people that you can work with.  


When it comes to branding your business, it needs to express who you are as a person. Here are some ways you can do this, it’s actually a fun part of the process:

  • Choose a colour pallet that you love and that will look good in your brand photoshoot.  
  • Run your business communication as if you are talking to a client one-on-one. If you create a persona of your ideal client, give her a name and it’ll make writing and creating content much easier! (I got this tip from the amazing Instagram Coach – Jaclyn from Magnetize)
  • Get a brand specialist to help you with your branding to develop the perfect look and feel for your business, dream or hobby.
  • Get someone to check your copywriting for your email, website, blog, social media and any other written content. 

View my Branding packages here.When you have all your content in place take a look at my 9 TIPS TO LAUNCHING YOUR NEW BRAND. You can also let me know how I can help in the comment section below or get in touch using my contact page. Good luck with your amazing journey!