Coastal Social CANVA Templates


30 completely unique templates that are simple to use and can be edited online (for free) using Canva.

Simply change the colors, replace the text with your content + images, and post!

Great for entrepreneurs, social media managers, solopreneurs, coaches, small business owners, marketing agencies, designers and professionals.




This pack includes templates designed for use with Canva, the best free online image editing software. No additional software is required!

Please note: these templates can only be edited on the desktop version of Canva. Once you’ve customized your images, you can export them for use on Instagram and other social networks.


  • Make sure you already have a Canva account. CLICK HERE to activate your account IT’S FREE! This template works for both free and pro-Canva users
  • Download the PDF, and open the link that directs you to the template
  • Place your image and text
  • After all is set, save the template as JPG or PNG